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Community Pet Waste Removal

With dog ownership on the rise, controlling pet waste in the community is an ever growing problem.  Dog waste on your commercial property conveys a negative image about your business or organization.  In addition to being smelly and unsightly, it is an environmental and health concern.  The fact is, dog waste contains disease-causing bacteria that can make people sick.

Dog feces carries 23 million fecal coliform bacteria that can have adverse health effects on entire communities.  This is a real problem near community common areas like parks, pools and playgrounds.

Fortunately, WAGS has an affordable solution to take care of your community pet waste problem.  For property managers, homeowners associations, condominiums and apartments.  Regardless of your pet waste needs we have an affordable solution.

We remove pet waste and small loose trash from community common areas and clean and deodorize walkways and special areas as needed.  We install and service high quality pet waste stations and supplies.


We install and service Pet Waste Stations

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